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Relationship skills


Knowledge of yourself makes it easier to understand others...


The Enneagram is a personality study system built around 9 basic profiles which can help us to become aware of our own automatic reflexes and to open ourselves to the 8 other possible viewpoints.


  • Awareness of the automatic reflexes that govern our relationships with others
  • Observation of our strong points and our relationship problems

    From the professional point of view, study of the Enneagram can assis



    The Enneagram can help us to...


    * Better appreciate our interactions with the world around us,


    * Build constructive managerial relations,


    * Develop our full relationship potential in balanced harmony,


    * Develop a real sense of self, an opening to other views of the world, better communication...


    Training sessions:

  • Manage with the Enneagram
  • Communicate with the Enneagram
  • Develop your cross-cultural relations thanks to the Enneagram
  • Create cohesion in your teams with the Enneagram
  • Deal with conflicts, etc.

    Enneagram sessions are always carried out respecting the oral tradition, in other words, by discussing and developing the theory based on the experience of each participant, with respect, and in a non-judgmental way.


    And also..

    An original, exclusive exploration into the heart of all kinds of relationships, managerial, commercial, cross-cultural, intergenerational, family and others...


    Horses and the Enneagram brought together produce and amazingly effective powerful approach which is deeply moving and will leave a lasting mark...


    The horse complements the self-study achieved with the Enneagram because it requires a strong, immediate relationship

    The horse acts as a mirror, faithfully reflecting, and magnifying, our behaviour and its effects