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Our beliefs



At Jamunâ, we believe that:



Nothing can really be developed unless everyone is actively committed to it!


Agile management, professional development, diversity of viewpoint, boldness and innovation are the foundation stones for the success of tomorrow’s businesses.


Creating a new atmosphere of trust is the means of building a culture based on a sense of purpose and service.


Man can achieve great things when he feels involved and listened to


Developing a respectful and genuine relationship in order to lay the foundations of mutual trust is the way to go forward in a world where visibility is hard:



We put the accent on :

  • The strength of collective intelligence
  • The power of good interpersonal communication
  • Being open to diversity
  • Empowerment
  • Goodwill and active listening
  • Collaboration
  • Action
  • Cross-functionality

    Too many managers still believe that, in order to run a company you need, on the one hand those who think, and on the other those who do..., so management is basically the art of getting people to do things and particularly to do what you tell them...


    But the world has changed ! ... Today, everything is more complex, more unpredictable, with more competition. The traditional management model no longer corresponds to the reality of our environment. This can weaken the company and put it at risk.


    Our businesses have to learn how to make effective use of all the strengths and all the intelligence at their command in order even to hope to survive the sea-change society is going through today. They have to bring into action everyone's talents, to advance the company's project.

    Individual intelligence is no longer enough to meet today's challenges. Intelligence must be multiplied by cooperation, nourished by shared ideas, enhanced by a diversity of points of view.


    So, as of now, make sure all your business's talents are fully deployed, and help build the agile company of tomorrow !