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Our strengths



Our expertise is founded on 30 years of experience

We have solid in-the-field experience to share. We have strong beliefs, but nothing set in stone !



Our teaching is based on collaboration and facilitation

You are the heart of the project, the creator of your development..



Our methods are innovative, and our approach dynamic

‘Horses & Coaching’, ‘Theatre and training’, ‘Co-development’, ‘Open Space Forum’, ‘Speed Coaching’, depending on the need and the situation



A team of experienced consultants and facilitators who are passionate about their work

Experts with different backgrounds, who share the same strengths and human values



International outreach

We work on projects throughout the world, and are always ready to travel.



A solid appreciation of the importance of interculturality

Our consultants are well-versed in the complexities of multi-cultural environments (Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe) and passionate about the richness of diversity.



We are perfectly bilingual English / French

We offer anglo-french multicultural and linguistic expertise to give a boost to your projects…



A warm, welcoming atmosphere

For us, conviviality is the basis for working together in a collaborative and interactive spirit



Respect and goodwill at every moment

A positive approach focussing on the human aspect, on the development of individual talents, and on knowledge of self and others



Post-training individual follow-up

Progress plans, ‘lifetime’ personal assistance, feedback meetings…