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Equine assisted coaching and guidance


The Horse, a partner for coaching managers and their teams…

With Equine assisted coaching and guidance, build a solid base of mutual trust, bonding, motivation and cooperation in your teams.


The horse is the perfect partner for building on the concepts of effective management in which relationships are based on respect, trust and clarity.

The horse can help us to find 'the right tone', the win-win attitude, in our interpersonal or managerial relationships.

The horse is the living mirror which reacts instantaneously to our behaviour and to its consequences on ourselves and on the group.


Horses have a lot to teach us, if we are willing to listen to them. Let them whisper in your ear...


Horses & Coaching® : a concept developed as early as 1998

A ground-breaking, innovative, well-honed approach, developed by Guillaume Antoine :


  • The Man-Horse relationship, a powerful metaphor for the Man-Man relationship, applied to companies.
  • A structured, dynamic, experiential process, whereby each participant is enabled to fully appreciate his/her reactions and feelings through the relationship created with the horse
  • Individual debriefing and collective and collaborative learning

    The Horses & Coaching® experience will make it possible for you to :

  • Become quickly aware of your approach to relationships
  • Develop your interpersonal skills and qualities
  • Experiment and get 'hands-on' experience and learning on management
  • Create a more comfortable, fluid and effective approach when dealing with your responsibilities
  • Enhance your leadership qualities


    Guillaume Antoine originally got the idea for Horses & Coaching in 1998, when he created his company

    His success and effectiveness have meant that the approach has been widely adopted.

    The 'Horses & Coaching®' method is protected by international copyright.


    Béatrice Simkins has been trained and certified as a 'Horses & Coaching®' practitioner by Guilllaume Antoine, and is supervised regularly.

    Béatrice and Guillaume have been close Horses & Coaching® partners for the past 9 years.


    Horses & Coaching® sessions can be organised in France and in other countries, working in French or in English...and always give participants a powerful, exceptional experience !

    All participants have the possibility to experience first-hand the relationship with the horse, and are given individual coaching by one or more certified equicoaches recognised by the Syndicat des Professionnels de l'Accompagnement Assisté par le Cheval (Association of horse-assisted coaching professionals)


    All the work is done on foot, and no prior knowledge of horses is required...

    Why ?

    Why horses ?


    The horse is an immensely sensitive animal, and is very demanding when it comes to forming a relationship. It acts as a mirror, magnifying but not distorting our behavioural traits.


    It helps us to assess, in real time, the impact of our behaviour, and to make any necessary corrections.

    The horse can help us to find the best in ourselves - it is a trustworthy and attentive indicator.

    A TEAM :


    Béatrice, Guillaume, the Horses at the Télémaque equestrian centre

    or any other place in France or abroad

    and the 'Team Horses & Coaching'


    Béatrice Simkins and Guillaume Antoine are members of the SynPAAC.


    The aims of the Professional Association are :

  • To bring together and consolidate equine-assisted coaching professionals
  • To contribute to the recognition and development of this profession
  • To advocate for and to develop practice which respects both people and horses
  • To ensure that the code of conduct is respected
  • To promote and develop professional competence standards for the training of equicoaches, and ensure their application
  • To establish and implement a process for the certification of Equine-Assisted Coaching Professionals

    Equine-assisted coaching (E.A.C.) is :

    • the coaching of individuals or groups taking account of their individual or collective potential, and in accordance with their personal and/or professional objectives, in which the horse is the mediator.


    An E.A.C. professional, therefore, has a dual competence :

    • that of a mentoring professional, recognised and certified (coach, facilitator, mediator, trainer, etc.)

    • that of an equine professional, able to facilitate and analyse the interactions between Man and Horse.


    For more information on the SynPAAC....