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Managerial talents


In a period of turbulence, the management of a company's human capital takes on a crucial importance.

Boosting motivation, managing stress, stimulating creativity, achieving goals, giving sense to change, developing skills, dealing with the complexity of the environment...


Try a change of attitude in order to manage more effectively !


Get the advantage of true, effective cross-functionality, the creator of cooperation !


Bank on shared confidence to build enhanced performance !


You would like to...

  • Develop new modes of Agile Management

  • Encourage Talent Management to identify potential, foster its flowering and help it thrive

  • Make your management a performance-building tool, promoting involvement and cooperation

  • Develop the company's performance in a complex environment

  • Make your company's agile management more assertive,more positive, more collaborative, and therefore more effective

  • Enable all your team's talents to work together, in harmony

    A few topics which might interest you...


    * Hierarchy and cross-functionality : a winning balance !


    * Innovation: our future assets...


    * Guiding change in a world in perpetual is possible !


    * Developing your Leadership... you can learn how to do it !


    * Motivation, the driving force of need to maintain it !


    * Why don't we try really communicating, for a change... ?


    * Managing generation Y and the over 45s together ? ... Why not ?


    * What if we invested in Mentoring ?


    * The Manager-Coach, Talent developer...


    * Management by does exist !


    * Let's make companies more agile !


    If you appreciate realistic, pragmatic inputs via a game-based teaching approach, both human and participative, in the form of co-construction workshops and teaching games, you will be excited and motivated by the 'magnifying glass' effect of out practical role-plays.


    Vous aimerez également les solutions 'Flash-Actions' pour des interventions courtes : ateliers-conférences; flash-formations, etc.