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The talents of diversity


Global operations, more and more multinational staff, gender parity, disability mainstreaming, 3 very different generations working shoulder to shoulder....

So many reasons for adopting agile management and taking advantage of the new corporate configuration.


You would like to...

  • Incorporate a real feel for culture in your intrnational, inter-organisational, inter-function and inter-generational business
  • Take difference into account and make it an advantage by transforming it into a leader of progress and a driver of creativity
  • Get the behavioural 'keys' to help you communicate more effectively with your foreign partners, your 'Generation Y' staff, your multi-cultural teams...
  • Implement a policy of diversity and integration in line with the tenets of corporate social responsibility

    Why ?

    - Improve the development of your international projects, manage your multicultural teams

    - Approach your partners in a more open way, with more profitable communication

    - Develop new intercultural reflexes (functions, generations, countries) for enhanced cooperation and creativity within your organisation

    How ?

    Collaborative, game-based workshops and sessions leading to :

  • better understanding of a the fundamental values of a culture (country, function, generation...)
  • a review of brakes and negative stereotypes and preconceptions
  • collective consideration of the influence of one's personal culture on one's ways of communicating and behaving
  • an awareness of the advantages to be gained from the riches of diversity

    Some topics...


    * Diversity... it's rich and it works !


    * Working with... (Indians, English, Americans, Chinese...), a real pleasure...!


    * Managing a multicultural team, such richness !


    * Intercultural communication for successful international projects...


    * What about sharing ideas, between generations ?


    * Develop your intercultural skills with the Enneagram !


    * etc.