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Collaborative workshops

A collaborative workshop ? What's that ?

A collaborative workshop is a facilitated meeting in which a group works collectively, using games and applying one or more creative techniques which will enable them to analyse a specific problem, to co-construct solutions, to make decisions or to organise a project.


What for ?


  • To stimulate collective intelligence and the emergence of innovative, mutually agreed solutions 
  • Constructive group dynamics and enhanced performance 
  • Participatory learning of new know-how

    What techniques ?

    A laboratory in which to experience Collective Intelligence...

    The collaborative workshop is a set of different techniques aiming to attain a specific goal.


    The techniques used may be :

  • Graphic expression
  • Story Telling
  • Thiagi games
  • De Bono's hats
  • Photolanguage
  • Mind Mapping
  • Analogies
  • Character trees
  • Collaborative SWOT
  • Metaplan
  • ...or dozens of other activities


    Stimulate the motivation and creativity of your teams

    for improved effectiveness !