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Individual Equi-coaching


Equine assisted coaching...

Equine assisted coaching is particularly suited for :

  • the development of interpersonal and managerial competences 
  • the development of talents and potential 
  • self development, self discovery, self confidence  
  • fear, emotion or stress management, etc.

    Equi-Coaching for 'Managers'

    To coach your managers, leaders and top performersin a targeted, individualised way

    Equi-Coaching for 'Coaches'

    To support coaches and supervise them in different, experience-based approach...

    The horse can help the coach to reconsider his/her way of working, to identify obstacles and develop his/her identity.


    Managers and Coaches

    1 session to set objectives

    3 half-days with the horses

    1 closing session


    Equi-Coaching for 'Young Professionals'

    To help young professionals achieve their potential in the business world, to handle questions of authority and 'agility'

    Equine assisted coaching develops the capacity for assessing a situation, understanding points of resistance and dealing with them, finding alternative solutions, analysing actions, etc.


    Equi-Coaching for 'Private individuals'

    To establish or re-establish your relationship to yourself, to become aware of your non-verbal language, to check where you are on your personal journey, to restore harmony, balance, handle stress...

    A la carte

    Private individuals and young professionals

    1 half-day or more, depending on the person's needs